Tainan Specialty‧A-bu Tintin Shop
  • When you first enter the store, surely you will be amazed by the huge pudding model. A-bu Tintin Shop is located in Tainan and serves flavorsome pudding. The huge pudding model has attracted a lot of people taking photos and become a scenic spot.
    The pudding in the store is made with fresh ingredients. When you take the first bite, you can feel the pudding dancing inside your mouth. You can also purchase pudding gift box to give away to your friends or family. What’s more, the store has provided all kinds of adorable dolls. No children can say no to those innocent and cute dolls.
  • Flavorsome Pudding

    The pudding in the store is made with not a single drop of water but fresh ingredients. Made upon traditional method, the surface of the pudding has contained brown sugar and taste extremely flavorful. You can smell buttery aroma and feel the springy texture of it.
  • Gift Box

    The shop has developed all sorts of products throughout the years, including pudding puff, taro cake, fruit cake, mille-feuille, pudding cake, etc. To cater the trend of using internet, the store has provided 12 items on the internet for customers to choose from.
  • Seasonal Limited Series

    There are different seasonal products in various times of the year, including fruit cake, coffee gift box, pineapple cake, etc. The fruit cake has 4 different flavors include banana, sugar apple, mango and pomelo.
  • Related Products

    Aside from delectable pudding, the store also has adorable dolls- A-bu and Tintin. You can get a complete series of these 2 dolls in the store. It will be a great gift for your kids.
  • Adorable Doll

    You can not only see A-bu and Tintin in the pudding store, but also in children program. The 2 adorable dolls bring lively ambiance to everyone and make everyone joyful.
  • Improving

    The store has been awarded for many times and is one of the best specialties of Tainan City for 3 consecutive years. The owner indicated that he will keep improving and bring more wonderful items to customers.
  • Information

    【Opening hours】

    【Free photographing service】
     Do you want to take a picture with A-bu and Tintin? You can come to the store and there will be professional staff
      photographing you and the dolls.


     Roasted pudding
     Milk curd
     Pudding puff
    ★Customers can cheese the flavors of pudding.(Home delivery service is not available for this service)

    【Home delivery service】
     Store service line: 886-6-2211566
     Service line:886-6-2385550、886-932786888
     Fax: 886-2-81926519

    【GPS】E120.161829/ N23.000155

    【Traffic information】
     Zhongshan Highway→exit at Render Interchange and head to the direction of Tainan City→Dongmen Rd.→Fuchian Rd.
     →turn right on Zhonghua W. Rd. and cross Lin’an Bridge→turn left on Anping Rd.

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    Address: No.161, Anping Rd., Anping Dist., Tainan City 708, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • 營業電話:886-6-2211566、886-6-2385550